Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the machine learning course take?

The program takes place for 12 weeks. Classes take place between 5.30 pm -7.30 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

How much does it cost

35000 Kenya Shillings (350USD)

Where is the school located?

The School is located in Pinetree plaza, kaburu drive,Nairobi Kenya.

What courses are offered at Africa Data School?

The school offers machine learning ,python and Deep learning

Is the program class based or virtual?

We offer both class-based and virtual classes. However, due to the spread of *COVID-19 *, the ban of public gatherings, and closure of institutions countrywide, our classes are to be online until this situation in the world changes.

What if I have no coding background can I be eligible for the program?

Yes, you can .You get an introduction to basic code at the beginning of the course.

How can I join the program?

You apply on this website by filling in the form. Go to the homepage on the top right and apply

Do you offer scholarships or financial Aid?

No at the moment we do not offer scholarships. What we do is we have a payment plan that allows you to pay the fees in installments.

Do you guarantee that one will get a job after completing the course?

No, we do not guarantee jobs. But With the skills you develop, you can work on any Data science project as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Machine Learning engineer in any company.

Do I recieve a certificate after completing the course? And is it recognised and acceptable by companies?

Yes, We do offer a Certificate after completing the course and presentation of a project. Yes, the certificate is recognized and accepted.

Do You offer training to persons outside Kenya? If so how?

Yes, We offer training to persons outside Kenya. We have virtual classes for our international students.