Debunking the Myths in Artificial Intelligence!

AI will take your job, AI can sort out even the messiest data, AI will take over the world, AI is new. AI has been touted in the recent past, with it comes myths that often lead to misunderstanding of the technology.

Eliezer Yudkowsk says that “By far the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it.” this is the greatest danger we face in order to conclude we need to grasp fully what AI is. In this article, we take a look at the top myths about Artificial intelligence we get to see what is true and what is not.

“understanding is much deeper than knowledge there are very many people who know artificial intelligence but very few understand AI”

1. AI is new.

AI dates back to the 19th century when an English mathematician and writer, Lady Ada Lovelace predicted that “a machine might compose elaborate and scientific pieces of music of any degree of complexity or extent” this was later advanced in the 1940s when a Bombe machine was created by Alan Turing.

When Arthur Lee Samuel’s computer program beat him in a game from self-learning this changed the narrative in AI. With the change in times, the explanation behind AI has also changed with more and more leads in AI being seen in the past decades.

2. AI will take over the world

A common notion in AI is that it will take over the world. In the movie i robot where we see robots coming together an plan an AI takeover. Will this happen once we invest in this technology? NO artificial intelligence will not take over as we see in I Robot and the terminator movies this is science fiction which is a drafted reality where they follow the script.

The movie terminator we see a military AI takeover where the machines take over the world this is scenario is alarming and scary, but as we said before they follow the script.

In the case of giving answers AI will much superior and fast due to its high processing power. Imaging looking for meaning of a word in the dictionary where it takes roughly two minutes where in a computer it takes seconds to define a word. If we are to be certain of no AI takeover we are to make ai to work for us.

3. AI can sort out messy data

NO AI cannot be able to sort out this data. Messy data brings confusion to any user. For an algorithm to use data an learn from it, the data needs to be clean. Data engineers take the raw data clean and arrange it then give it to a machine in order to give a meaningful conclusion. AI needs clean data in order to learn from it hence cannot sort the messy data.

4. AI will take your job

This fear has been experienced in any developing technology. From the industrial revolution, people have had this fear. AI will not take your job. It is AI and humans not against humans. AI imposes a challenge for one to advance in their fields making them eligible for the new openings to be created by AI.

Check to confirm if AI will take your job.

5. AI is 100% objective

AI is dependent on data and algorithms used by the AI are dependent on the people who make them. This will depend on the data being fed example if a machine has the task of choosing a candidate for a fashion and design post the AI is more likely to pick a female candidate to a male due to the dominance of females in the field. In this case a bias on the males is seen this makes AI not 100% objective.

6. All AI are the same

AI is created similar to the other. This is a common understanding which happens not to be true AI is created differently depending on the purpose intended. there are 3 types of AI Narrow AI, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and Super-intelligence.

AI Narrow

This is the only class of AI that currently sees success It is based on a single task several tasks. Narrow AI is very good at solving specific problems, but they fall short of fulfilling the requirements for human-level AI.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)-(hypothetical)

This is hypothetical and is yet to be implemented. It is a machine that has the ability to apply intelligence in any problem rather than use the data to give an answer.


It is yet to be achieved this is an AI that might surpass human intelligence. Superintelligence AI is more uncertain, bringing fears when once implemented.

With the classification we see AI being created different from the other.


Understanding AI is the primary goal.

“understanding is much deeper than knowledge, there are very many people who know artificial intelligence but very few understand AI”

The breakthrough in AI will be completely fulfilled once we grasp Artificial intelligence. Once we understand it we are able to clear the misconceptions and to grasp what comes with AI.

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