Africa Data School & Microsoft Curriculum

Lecture, Online

If you’re an ICT professional who is looking to progress into machine learning and data science, or a graduate with statistical or programming background, this is a course fit for you.

Provided by the Africa Data School, this programme is available by distance learning, allowing you to study even when you cannot make it to class.


Time Place Date Range Instructor
5:30pm – 7:30pm MEST Pinetree plaza 12 Weeks John Muciri
Time Place Date Range Instructor
5:30pm Р7:30pm Mon,Tue,Thur Online 12 Weeks  Andrew Kurgat

Week 1 - Introduction

Introduction to AI and ML

Kaggle Project

Introduction to Machine learning Pipeline

Week 2 - Data Analysis

Python Crush Course



Week 3 - Data Visualization



Panda visual

Week 4 - Advanced data visualization


Geographical Plot & Map Box


Week 5 - Supervised machine learning

Linear Regression

Logistic Regression

Support Vector Machine

Week 6 - Supervised and Unsupervised Machine learning

Decison tree

Ensemble Models


Week 7 - PCA and Deployment

Dimensionality reduction

Model deployment part 1

Model deployment part 2

Week 8 - Azure AI Engineer

Introduction to AI on Azure
Publish a Machine learning experiment

Process and translate speech with Azure cognitive speech services

Week 9 - Azure AI Engineer

Process and classify images with the azure Cognitive vision services
Evaluate text with Azure cognitive language Services
Create Intelligent Bots with Azure Bot Service

Week 10 - Feature Engineerig & Selection

Feature Engineering
Feature Selection

Advanced ML Pipeline

Week 11 - Project

Project 1
Project 2

Project 3

Week 12 - Project

Project 4
Project 5

Project closing