What is Africa Data School

Africa Data School is a learning program that takes place for 12 weeks. It offers courses in Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Programming, and Computer Vision. Training is through physical training as well as online training. The physical classes take place between 5.30 pm -7.30 pm. Africa Data School is located at MEST Pinetree Plaza in Nairobi. 

We are training people already in jobs as Engineers, Data analysts, or people who just want a career shift. We also train university Graduates who have Mathematics or computer science backgrounds but no data science experience or practical skills

We are building the biggest tech school in Africa where emerging technologies are taught.

ADS Pillars

Training Program

A 12-week intensive training program on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, taught to enthusiasts and prospective data scientist on the startup and corporate level.


Alongside the course work, the cohort is presented with realtime case studies that help them better explore the applicability of the curriculum

Network and Pacements

It is our aim and vision to place candidates of the program in leading organizations for both part-time and full time roles.

What our Data Scientists in Training say

It is an honour being part of this institution. Africa Data School offers an interactive atmosphere for learning. The instructors are helpful and willing, they get to know the level of each student and assess their progress on a weekly basis. This has helped me to develop my skills.

Benson Wainaina Njenga

I just want to say thanks for the opportunities and benefits ADS has given to me. Linkedin Learning has really boosted my profile. I was headhunted a few months ago by a Medical startup in SA. I got the role just last week. I will be their data science lead. Thank you for the role ADS has played. The Azure lessons, benefits were really a boost.

Job Duro
Trained Data Scientists so far